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Q: Do all users have the ability to make changes in the database?

A: MissionAssist has three(3) access security levels that can be assigned to individual users. At the lowest level (Viewer), users can only view data and can not add or delete information. At the intermediate level (Reviewer), a user can view information and add or modify certain other data fields. At the highest level (Admin), users can add, modify, and delete data. Admin users can also add or delete other users and set security levels.

Q: How do I update an address for a donor?

A: MissionAssist allows you to keep multiple addresses for a donor. Each donor's primary address is visible on the Main Donor/Member Form. Other alternative addresses can be accessed on the Alternate Address Form. If you have the appropriate access security rights, you may modify address information on either form by entering the new information and clicking the appropriate save button.

Q: On a visit with a donor, I learned he/she was interested in collecting rare books. Where can I record this information?

A: You can record this type of information in two places. You may make a note of this donor's rare book interest in the notes section of his primary record (on the Main Donor Form). Alternatively, you may enter 'Rare Books' as a general interest on the Interest Area Form where it can be applied to any donor or member.

Q: Is there a way to have a specific contact name and telephone number in an organization record?

A: Yes. Select the organization's record on the Main Donor Form by using the Organization filter or pull down. The individual's name entered in the appropriate name fields is the primary contact for the organization.

Q: Where can I make notes of a telephone conversation I had with a prospective donor/member?

A: While viewing the individual's record on the Main Donor/Member Form, click the Contact History button. When the Contact History Form appears go to the bottom and select phone call from the field that is titled Type of Action. Record the date, subject of the call, and whether any follow-up is required.

Q: A special committee is being organized to celebrate my organization's 25th anniversary. How do I add this new committee and the names of the persons serving on it in MissionAssist?

A: From the Main Donor/Member Form, select an individual who will be on the committee. Click the Committees button to display the Committees Form. Add the text '25th Anniversary Committee' in the pull down near the right center of the form. Hit the tab or enter key and MissionAssist will prompt you to save this new committee. Answer Yes and a new check box and text field will appear labeled 25th Anniversary Committee. Check next to the 25th Anniversary Committee name and click the Save button. The new committee has been entered into MissionAssist and that individual has been assigned to it. Select the other committee members from the Main Form and assign them to the 25th Anniversary Committee in the same manner.

Q: Mary Jones has recently married. How do I change her last name in the record and note the change in her marital status?

A: MissionAssist uses last names as one of its principal reference and key sources. The only way to change a person's last name is to go to the Database Administration Form (if you have the proper security level), click the Modify Names and Organization Data button, enter Jones in the selection filter, and press tab or enter. A list of all the Jones's in your database will appear. Go to Mary Jones' record and change Jones to her new last name. Return to the previous form and your changes will be saved automatically.

Q: Is there a quick way to enter several gifts from different donors?

A: Yes. From the initial Logon Form, click the Gift Entry button to open the gifts form. Select the donor's name from the last name pull down and enter his or her gift in the proper amount and purpose fields. Save the gift and then select the next donor from the pull down and repeat the process.

Q: How do I enter a pledge of $1000 to be paid over two years?

A: Open the New Gifts/Pledges Form for the specific donor. Select 'Pledge' from the Type of Gift pull down field (it is not necessary to enter a value in the Amount field). A new section on the right of the form will appear and the cursor will move to the Pledge Amount field in that section. Enter $1000 in this field, tab to the Frequency field and select 'Yearly', then enter the number 2 in the Number of Payments field. Enter the date the first pledge payment is due in the field titled First Due Date and save the pledge. The $1000 pledge is now split into two $500 payments spaced one year apart.

Q: A donor wants to split their gift among three funds. How do I do this in MissionAssist?

A: A gift can be "split" for as many as five unique purposes. Open the New Gifts/Pledges Form for the specific donor. Check the Split Gift/Pledge checkbox near the center of the form. A new section will appear on the lower right of the form with a series of Fund # pull downs and amount fields. Choose the appropriate gift purpose from the Fund # pull downs then enter the amount of the split gift for that purpose to the right of the pull down. Repeat this for each part of the split gift and then click the Save button.

Q: Do I enter a grant from the XYZ Foundation the same as a gift?

A: Yes. MissionAssist recognizes a grant the same as a normal gift. However, you should check the Grant checkbox at the bottom center of the New Gifts/Pledges Form to annotate that this "gift" is a grant.

Q: How do I record new and/or renewal dues payments?

A: To record dues payments for both new members and/or renewals, open the Donor/Member Main Form and select the appropriate person making the dues payment. Then select "Dues Information" from the "Other Donor Info" toolbar. Then select the appropriate item from the Dues Purpose/Type pulldown, check whether this is a new or a renewal payment, and enter a figure in the amount paid field. Click the "Save" button to record the transaction.

Q: I would like to know how many volunteers and volunteer time had been spent on a specific project. How can I find this information?

A: From any place within MissionAssist, select "Volunteer History" from the "Mailing & Data Exports" toolbar. You can then use the "Volunteer History Selection" form to find everyone who had worked on any specific project or projects, what skills they applied, how much time they spent, etc.

Q: We applied for a grant from the ABC Foundation? How can I find out where we are in the process and what we need to do next?

A: Open the Donor/Member Main Form and select the ABC Foundation record. Then select "Grants Profile Information" from the Other Donor Info" toolbar. You can use this form to display all the grant-related activity associated with this Foundation. Review the list and you can determine what deadlines are near, what letters and/or reports need to be generated, and other related information about a specific grant initiative or for the ABC Foundation.

Q: I need a report for my Board of Directors meeting that lists all donors and their gifts for the current fiscal year? How would I run such a report in MissionAssist?

A: Click the Fixed Reports button on the Logon Form to display a list of MissionAssist standard reports. Highlight the Donors_And_Gifts_For_This_FYear report name in the selection area on the left and click the Preview and/or Print button to generate a complete list of all donors and their gifts for your current fiscal year.